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It starts with the passion and the will to do whatever it takes to succeed ~ Raul Ibanez

This quote pretty much sums it up for 2 expats living the dream in Cozumel. It seemed so perfect, the way we got here. Too easy in fact. The sale of our home in Connecticut, the sale of our personal property, and wrapping up our jobs on February 10 with a flight out the morning of February 11, yeah, it was too easy!  

We are Robin and Marty Chacón. We have been visiting Cozumel for years on vacation and always talked about retiring here. When circumstances led to fork in the road of the “plan” we had a decision to make. And boy did we make it!

Living in paradise does not come easy. The weather is hot! The rules are different. The laws are different. Nothing is electronic or autopay. Everyone pays their bills at the convenience store. The driving is some sort of controlled chaos. There are tourists everywhere so it’s safe to wear a bathing suit almost anywhere (kinda cool right? Cuz like I said, it’s hot!) And what the hell is a Mexican minute?!? It’s definitely longer than a football minute! Also we’ve had an iPhone stolen and lost a cat. The latter still hurts a lot.  

We get a lot of questions. You’re too young to be retired, what are going to do? The answer from now on? Whatever it takes! We choose to live our dream.

So welcome to Cozumel Living the Dream Drone Photography and Videography – try saying that 5 times fast! We’re pleased you’re here. I will post articles on where we’ll be and where we’re going. If you see the little black convertible with a Connecticut plate on the back and a German plate on the front or the drone in the air, we’d love for you to say hello.

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