Standing out amongst the rest is key in a very competitive industry by highlighting your home's curb-side appeal with amazing pictures from above! Traditional forms of marketing are being shelved in favor of mobile smartphones, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Give your property a distinct advantage over the competition with aerial drone photography and videography and interior video walk-throughs.


Aerial photography and videography captures beautiful panoramic views from the sky. These stunning images make great marketing material. Imagine seeing the view from your new high-rise apartment before construction has begun or maybe you want to show off the incredible views from above your home.


Does the roof need replacing on the house you want to buy? Are you concerned about the roof after last night’s wind storm? Are you dealing with water damage and looking for the source of the problem? Getting on top of some structures to inspect potential issues can be difficult and dangerous. Drone photography and videography can be used quickly and effectively in identifying costly problems.​


Aerial photography and videography are perfect for digital marketing and for showcasing your course to current and future members. Virtual tours provide potential customers with an exciting view of your course. Aerial imaging can also provide great insight for the course superintendent with monitoring of grass moisture and health and early pest and fungus detection.


Aerial photography and videography can showcase the guest experience - from their arrival to getting to their room or locker, to finding the spa or bar, to the first reveal as they walk onto the grounds or the beach, or that door opening as they walk into the fine dining restaurant - it's all about emotion, texture, and anticipation.


Every wedding is different and unique. Still photographs can crystallize a moment; video has the ability to capture the complex emotions of the day. By putting all the most important aspects together in a cinematic way, a wedding film is a beautiful way to document the special moments from your wedding day.


Engagement sessions are not just about getting a nice save-the-date photo but also getting you comfortable in front of the camera and showing everyone your personalities and passions. Do you want to capture the proposal on film? Let’s discuss your ideas and memorialize the special occasion!


We quote each job individually depending on the size and scope of the project, equipment required, drone flight time, travel required, level of editing desired, and time required. Generally, we charge between a couple hundred and a few thousand dollars. We will tailor our services to meet your budget. Call or email us to discuss your project and arrange for a FREE on-site demonstration.